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5 Reasons you are successful and still single

Outside of fear there is one other topic that me and my girls ALWAYS find ourselves discussing….


I mean we are a group of educated, career driven, shawty got her own, and we cannot forget beautiful women (melanin is poppin!).  Queens with a purpose and you guessed it, the majority of us are…..


With these qualities who wouldn’t want to take us off of the market.  But because the lack thereof it makes me ponder on the stereotypes about successful black woman.  You know them.  Black educated women are less likely to get married.  No man wants a woman that’s more successful than them…blah blah blah. 

But as an die hard optimistic I tend not to fall for statistics because even though the numbers show one thing a little faith can turn any theory on its back.   However the older I become and continue to notice the rise of single black woman on their grind I can’t help but to think……

Where are all the good men at?

(I know they out there hiding somewhere, if not “Say Yes to the Dress” would be cancelled by now).  So why are all these bossed up women still single?

1.       Same ole Same ole

Comfort zones are dangerous.  Like proceed with caution this can get really bad dangerous.  A couple months ago I shared how I am infatuated with my usual from Zaxby’s; you know the chicken finger plate, no cole slaw, extra fries, and teriyaki instead of Zax sauce.  It was to the point where I didn’t even have to glance at the menu because I dare not consider anything else. 

Does this remind you of your dating life?

If he is not dark chocolate with a beard and with a tailor suit on we won’t even bother to give our number out or curve him until the days end.  But what if the soulmate that God has for you doesn’t fit the mold that you have in your head; would you miss him right in front of your face?

But let me tell you one day I finally decided to try an Zalad at Zaxby’s



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