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Stuck on Stupid: how your past can keep you from the future

I was on the road stuck in traffic when my phone started to ring.  I was surprised because my mama only calls me on Sundays and my friends know that I can’t stand talking on the phone (ask yourself is this textable? No..Is it an emergency? No….then send a text) so it was out of the norm for my phone to be ringing at 5pm on a Tuesday.  But it was my homeboi Darril, he was probing me about my whereabouts.  This was a perfect setup for one of those “I need you to ……” but he already knew I was leaving one slaveship and heading to the next.  He mentioned that he had somebody he wanted me to meet and by the way he couldn’t get the sentence out without laughing and the chuckles in the back ground I knew that it was somebody that I knew.  My lovely line sister was in town for the day and they were going to come by and visit me at work (Yay! I love visitors at my part time it makes the time fly by).

As we talked about everything under the sun; the topic of my blog came up.  They laughed at the fact that I slide post articles in conversations as a shameless plug when an issue that I have covered is brought up.  Darril then hits me with a question “You always talk about the past issues but what about if you are still holding on to them…” Hmmmmmmm Darril had an AWESOME point, and just like that I couldn’t shake the thought and my wheels began to turn.

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