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How to skyrocket your success

Your stomach begins to rumble.

You noticed that you haven’t had anything to eat all date and hungry is an understatement at this point.  Of course, you check the refrigerator; and all that is in there is a piece of bacon, half empty jug of milk, and some coffee. So, you get in the car to head to a fast food spot.  There is only one problem.  You don’t have a taste for anything and no idea of what you want.


You may be experiencing the same feeling.  No, not driving around looking for something to eat.  But roaming aimlessly in life.  You hop to a new job, but it isn’t giving you the excitement that you are looking for.  You have no idea what to do with the blog that you just started.  And the business has been in the same place financially for over a year. 

And just like you don’t know what you want to eat; you may lack vision.  It is what you want to achieve or accomplish.  In conversations, I have found that many people give their attention to what they don’t want instead of deciding what they desire.  What happens is that you may find yourself feeling for more but if you fail to have a vision of where you want to go; you will spend a lot of energy going nowhere.

When you have a vision these are some of the benefits that will skyrocket your success.

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Everybody Wanna Go Viral: Adjusting your expectations of success

Going viral has become a culture in itself.  It seems to be the goal of most people on social media. If they can only do something crazy so that The Shade Room or BallerAlert will repost…I can take off.  Millions of shares.  Celebrities reposting. The goal isn’t to be successful…but to be seen.

Instant success has become the new American Dream.  Bump the white picket fence, I want to get millions of followers overnight.  Put in work for a good week and then I will be rubbing elbows with the big wigs.

This new view of success doesn’t stop at social media post.  It has infected our minds.  All that we want to achieve in life must happen *snap* like that.  Quick, fast, and in a hurry.  If I start a blog, it’s a must to have at least a 100 thousand viewers by the end of the week.  If not, then well I will to point fingers at all of my friends who are not sharing my content…I’m supposed to be poppin’ right now! At work they don’t appreciate me.  I have been an employee for 5 minutes and they haven’t promoted me to senior leadership.  They tripping! Let me go look for a new job.

I know you may feel that I exaggerated with those example, but honestly that is how some of us sound.  This culture of going “viral” has conditioned us that success happens overnight.  But let me be the one to bust your bubble...

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5 Types of Friends you Need to be Successful

In college, my basketball coach had ALL the best analogies. 

From “Making the team” (a play off from Diddy’s show Making the Band), describing obstacles as “little bumps in the road,” and my favorite stay in your lane.  Stay in your lane, no we were not driving but her explanation wasn’t far off.  For the team to be successful everyone had a role that they played; if we stayed in our lane we would cover our bases and end the season as champions.  If we didn’t, well we would end up like Gonzaga


Makes me think of your crew of friends.  Friends have more influence on us than we think.  They are not lying when they said that we are the sum of the people that we hang around.  Think about it for a minute.  Say there is a girl that you may not experience a personal encounter with; however you know everyone in her crew.  And they let’s say partake in some promiscuous behavior (or they are THOTs as the young folk say).  Though you may know nothing more than what ole girl looks like; you have already made up a story in your head of all the guys that she has slept with just because of the people she decided to associate herself with (don’t act like you don’t be judging folks in the group chat).

Each friend has something different that they bring to the table.  Everyone has a different lane that they play and if filled you might see yourself winning the championship (being successful, achieving goals, just being a boss).  

So, who are these people?

The Achiever

Shining, shining, shining riiiight.  Yeah, all they do is win.  It seems as if every week they are knocking down another milestone; job promotion, bought a Benz, and just closed on a new house.  If the hashtag #Goals had a spokesperson, they would be it.  When looking at successful people, it can be easy to think that you are not privy to those same things.  However, seeing The Achiever on their come-up reminders you that it is possible and you get a front row seat at what you need to do to make major moves in your life.

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5 Reasons you are successful and still single

Outside of fear there is one other topic that me and my girls ALWAYS find ourselves discussing….


I mean we are a group of educated, career driven, shawty got her own, and we cannot forget beautiful women (melanin is poppin!).  Queens with a purpose and you guessed it, the majority of us are…..


With these qualities who wouldn’t want to take us off of the market.  But because the lack thereof it makes me ponder on the stereotypes about successful black woman.  You know them.  Black educated women are less likely to get married.  No man wants a woman that’s more successful than them…blah blah blah. 

But as an die hard optimistic I tend not to fall for statistics because even though the numbers show one thing a little faith can turn any theory on its back.   However the older I become and continue to notice the rise of single black woman on their grind I can’t help but to think……

Where are all the good men at?

(I know they out there hiding somewhere, if not “Say Yes to the Dress” would be cancelled by now).  So why are all these bossed up women still single?

1.       Same ole Same ole

Comfort zones are dangerous.  Like proceed with caution this can get really bad dangerous.  A couple months ago I shared how I am infatuated with my usual from Zaxby’s; you know the chicken finger plate, no cole slaw, extra fries, and teriyaki instead of Zax sauce.  It was to the point where I didn’t even have to glance at the menu because I dare not consider anything else. 

Does this remind you of your dating life?

If he is not dark chocolate with a beard and with a tailor suit on we won’t even bother to give our number out or curve him until the days end.  But what if the soulmate that God has for you doesn’t fit the mold that you have in your head; would you miss him right in front of your face?

But let me tell you one day I finally decided to try an Zalad at Zaxby’s



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What they don't tell you about success and 3 steps to handle it

After a long day of working both jobs I finally make it home back into my bed.  As I snuggle in and begin to reflect on my day only one thought came to mind……WTF! By now you’re probably thinking that I had a terrible day at work or one of my friends decide to be a Petty Betty. 

It was actually an AWESOME day for The Fear Hurdler but…………….

...the odds were in my favor just a little too much.  You know as I encourage you all to chase your dreams I’m also in the pursuit of the same.  As we always DREAM of certain things to happen when they begin to happen it can pretty much scare you……


That’s crazy right.  To believe that what we want to happen will….HAPPEN!  The more I see opportunities unfold and my dreams become reality anxiety kicks in and I want to run to the ride conductor and tell him to stop it.  Just kidding I was just playing.

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