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Everybody Wanna Go Viral: Adjusting your expectations of success

Going viral has become a culture in itself.  It seems to be the goal of most people on social media. If they can only do something crazy so that The Shade Room or BallerAlert will repost…I can take off.  Millions of shares.  Celebrities reposting. The goal isn’t to be successful…but to be seen.

Instant success has become the new American Dream.  Bump the white picket fence, I want to get millions of followers overnight.  Put in work for a good week and then I will be rubbing elbows with the big wigs.

This new view of success doesn’t stop at social media post.  It has infected our minds.  All that we want to achieve in life must happen *snap* like that.  Quick, fast, and in a hurry.  If I start a blog, it’s a must to have at least a 100 thousand viewers by the end of the week.  If not, then well I will to point fingers at all of my friends who are not sharing my content…I’m supposed to be poppin’ right now! At work they don’t appreciate me.  I have been an employee for 5 minutes and they haven’t promoted me to senior leadership.  They tripping! Let me go look for a new job.

I know you may feel that I exaggerated with those example, but honestly that is how some of us sound.  This culture of going “viral” has conditioned us that success happens overnight.  But let me be the one to bust your bubble...

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It's not that deep: How being petty ruins productivity

A couple weeks ago I talked about time, and how everyone has the same 24 hours as the next person; but it just comes down to how it is utilized (just in case you don’t remember "Ain't Nobody Got Time For That").  But what about how we spend our mental time?

Have you found yourself trying to complete a project at work, but just cant help but replay an argument in your head that happened yesterday. How much time have we wasted feeling “some type of way” about an issue? (am I the only one that read that in Rich Homie Quan Voice?

Analyzing and breaking it down as if it was a murder trial? And the gag is that the event is not even a life altering change, like a new job or deciding to have kids; but very basic. Your co-worker responds to your text message with “….K.” 

“WTF did she mean dot dot dot dot K! Why she just couldn’t put ok? She always gotta be so extra and sarcastic!”

Instead of focusing on writing a business proposal, revamping your resume, or creating a plan to be great in this world; you are now wasting  time analyzing four dots and the letter K.  How many of us have found ourselves in similar situations? I know that I have!  I have said it once and I will say it again, TIME IS ONE VARIABLE IN LIFE THAT WE CAN NEVER GET BACK; so why do we CONTINUE to give attention to situations that don’t matter and to be honest…..IT’S REALLY NOT THAT DEEP!

Feelings are not Facts

You’re walking in the mall with your crew, and y'all walk pass a girl and her boo….you look at her, she glances at you.  Now all of the sudden you FEEL offended.  “Giiirrrlll that nappy headed heffa got one mo time to look at me, she probably mad because her man wants me.” 

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Ain't Nobody Got Time For That: What to do when there isn't enough time in the day to get it done


If I had to take a poll of the top 5 excuses used, I'm positive that "TIME" would be at the top of the list.  “I don’t have time,” it irks my nerves every time it comes out of someone’s mouth.  Ok, even though I can't stand it, I can't lie to you either. The time bug has caught me a couple times......scratch that ALOT of times.  

When you are ambitious, others can see your potential even if you don’t see it within yourself.  I first began writing small articles here and there about health and personal development; I would send them out to a couple family members and friends just to see their thoughts.  At the time, it was just something to do and ideas that I needed to get out of my head.

It was my outlet.... nothing major.  

Everyone would respond with "Jas you should really start a blog." A blog? Giiiiirl bye, don't you know that I'm working two jobs, 7 days a week most of the time, and you want me to start a blog? Bruh, I DON'T HAVE TIME!

Or did I?  

In order to cultivate a  change that is planted in our heads, we must first rid ourselves of this excuse.  If it is not moved out of the way it will continue to shackle us to our limitations.

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