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How I went from a Girl to a Woman in one year: 25 things I learned at 25

As some of you may be aware, a national holiday that just passed us on September 21st called J-Day (also referred to as my birthday).  I take this time every year to reflect on all that happened in the previous 364 days.  Every year has a reoccurring pattern, or we shall call them themes; 24 was the year of realization, but 25 was indeed a year of evolution.  

The transformation began, the blinders were off and I began to see life in a totally different light.  Its one thing to know that you are changing, but when those close to you see you go from the "turn up girl" to the "intuitive woman" it all begins to really sink in. A major change was happening and......... I was diggin' it.  

The moment you fall in love with the person that you are becoming, tied in with the person that you are meant to be is an overwhelming satisfying feeling.  Crazy right? For the first time in life I felt like I grew up from a girl into a woman. Many lessons were taught and I must say I was finally open to learn them. 

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