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Dynamic Duo: Two tools to create an impactful year
And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. Habakkuk 2:1 

Unlike most women, I REALLY hate to shop.  And it’s not that I don’t like stuff, but I’m frugal with my money (el cheapo) and if I don’t have to go to the store, then I won’t buy anything. But every once in a while somebody drags me.  I was in SC for Thanksgiving, and my little cousin wanted me to ride to Best Buy with him.  If it was anyone else I would’ve said NO (….chilllleeee I know the power of NO) but it is always a good time to catch up and spend some time while I was in town. 

As we walked into the store, my cuzo found what he needed but then said those magic words “Let’s check out the TVs since we in here….”  Now before we walked in the store a new TV wasn’t even on my mind.  I have two in the house already and I don’t even watch TV as it is.

But the more I looked at it, I begin to say to myself...

Jas, it’s on sale, you can put this in the bedroom.” 

“Watching Good Times on this TV would be so nice”

“….and LOOK, it a smart TV too.”

“You canceled Christmas so you know the money is in your account…”

“Go ahead and treat yourself, you been working so hard lately.”

But just 30 minutes ago I could’ve cared less, but as they were in front of me, a yearning burning desire was lit on the inside of me to GET THAT TV!

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