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Are you waiting on tragedy?

Thoughts of what we should do seem to linger in our heads.  But why does it take an act of God for us to move on it. 

In my previous job I knew that it wasn’t the career for me.  I recognized that I needed to part ways but I became comfortable in my misery.  I wanted more.  It wasn’t until I was fired that I was forced to search for happiness in my life.

My health was never a concern for me.  French fries, chicken nuggets and pizza were my diet.  I knew that I needed to change my lifestyle because of the health conditions that plagued my family.   But how can you resist Chick fi la and Domino's (ESPECIALLY now that their large pizzas are only 7.99).  It took the untimely death of my Uncle, and my brother’s medical stare to lead me to take my health seriously.

….and don’t even get me started on relationships (I’ll save that for a later date).

Life has a way of placing us on a roller-coaster filled with twist and turns.  We never expect to receive this, it just happens.  And when it does it shows us life through another pair of lenses.  A new point of view.  What we once pondered about must happen, no longer waiting, fear doesn’t matter, push ego out the way, life is too short and we must act NOW!

You live life with NO LIMITS!

But why do we have to be forced? What would happen if you just acted on it and life didn’t have to pull your teeth to get it done?

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