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Just Take the Step: 3 ways to disempower fear

“Jas can you just do it for me?”

This is a phrase that I would soon become annoyed with.  I was at my former part-time gig and my co-worker’s son decided to keep me company at the front desk.  He was always entertaining and dramatic so we got along well.  It also helped the time go by.  As he was updating me on life as a high school student (which mostly involved, girls, girls, girls, and sports) I pulled out an apple.  While watching me eat, the hungry Gods hit his spirit. 

“Let me get one?”

Unfortunate for him it was the only one that I had.  However, I knew the plug.  The boxing coach had a lifetime supply of snacks in his office. 

Go ask Coach.  He got all the snacks.  He doesn’t mind, just gotta go ask him.

You would’ve thought I told him to go into an Iraq war zone by himself.  For the next two hours, I had to suffer through his “I’m sooo hungrrry” pleas.  It was too late.  I had not an ounce of sympathy.  I already told him exactly what he needed to do.  All he had to do was go ask the coach for snacks and he would’ve been good to go.

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3 Ways to React When People Show Support

Negative people….

……..Snakes in the grass, the haters, and can’t forget about the doubters…

I talk a lot about these people, but we have yet to touch on the “Ride or Dies.” The people who are in your corner, cheering every step, and motivating when you get knocked out; there is no doubt that they have your back. 

Although they play a HUGE part within our progress, we at times forget about these people.  But let me not get ahead of myself, I’ll get back to that.

First, I must say that I have an AMAZE BALLS crew.  They not only support all that I have ever done, but also believe in my dream just as much as I do.  Just the other day I was talking to my brother about a piece of equipment that I needed for a project that I am working on (btw, I can’t wait to release a couple things that I’ve been working on in the next couple of weeks).  Much like myself, my bro can always find a hook up for the low low; and you already know I’m a penny pincher, so I needed his expertise.  He hits me up a couple days later to inform me that he had already bought it for me.

He didn’t have to but he gets my vision and backs it in any way that he can. 

It is always important to have some folks that support you.  The motivation alone can pull you out of the pit when you begin to doubt yourself.  Here are a couple ways to react when people show you love (and take some tips if you feel that you are in this alone….). 


We can view support from our inner circle as an obligation versus a choice.  Let’s look at it this way.  A nice gentleman holds the door open for us; some women won’t even say thank you, because they feel as if that is what he is supposed to do.  After several times of no acknowledgement, he may let that door smack you in the face, because you did not appreciate the gesture.  

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