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You can still be great in spite of your weakness

I was in the third grade.

My class was transitioning to learn the Language Arts lesson of the day.  But not me; I was packing my belongings to trek down the hallway to Ms.Cooper’s room.  She was the teacher who taught all the kids who had their issues with reading comprehension, grammar and all that English stuff (aka the remedial class).  I wasn’t just on the #strugglebus but I drove the sucka, when it came to anything dealing with grammar or spelling you could count me out; I couldn’t grasp the concept of pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, yeah ALL of it. 

When Middle School hit, my academic life went through a transformation (thanks to my 6th grade social studies teacher for believing in me) from a struggling student looking at being held back to an all A student graduating with honors and obtaining a Master’s degree (it’s not how you start but how you finish). 

Through it all a part of that insecure third grade who hated being called up to the board in fear that she wouldn’t be able to spell the words or confusing their and there still was trapped inside.  Because that is the time you learn many of the fundamental concepts of grammar; and since I was behind I still lacked what came so easy for many. 

Looking at this you may wonder how in the hell can she be a writer? Isn’t that what they do, use grammar and words to get their point across? How could this be if that is not your strength?

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