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It's not about you: Understand instead of being understood

As technology evolves and we have the ability to download music on our phones; I have a very limited supply of cds in my car.  Let’s say a good 3; Jilly from Philly (Jill Scott), Kirk Franklin and Teyana Taylor.  Every once in a while, I forget my aux cord, and those three Cd's get a lot of spins (as I hate to hear the same song on the radio 79 times in a ten minute span). 

One of those CD's is Teyana Taylor’s “The Miseducation of Teyana Taylor.”  It is a playoff of Lauryn Hill,  and begins with a snippet of her.  She explains that she prays to understand others rather than to be understood. Even though I have heard it a million of times, I REALLY listened to it the other day (isn't it crazy how familiar things hold a new meaning when you're going through a situation). 

I was having a conversation and explaining my deep thoughts about life; it was a very random conversation, but the individual looked at me as if I had three heads...... dazed. 

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