The Essential Guide To Get Started On Your Idea

It's Monday morning.  Which means you are dreading your department's weekly meeting. You are two seconds from falling asleep when a thought hits you.  "This weekend was boring.  I wish there was a place I could go and just chill with like minded people.  Hmmm, maybe I should throw a monthly kickback for people who don't like going to the club but still want something to do..."

The idea hits you and after that moment you can not stop thinking about it.  However there is a problem.  You have never threw an event, and have no idea how to develop one.  Does this sound familiar? No, not the fact that your weekends are dry.  But you have an idea but no clue where to start! 


After you have generated an idea here are three steps to get you started on your journey.

Step 1: Write it down

Our brains are a powerful tool.  It controls our bodies, determines our behaviors, release hormones which allows you to grow, and processes our memories (who knew you could learn so much watching Grey’s Anatomy). It makes sense for us to believe that if we think it, that we will NEVER forget.  THE LIES! Just ask someone who just put their keys down and are unable to find them now. 

If you write it down you won’t miss a beat.  It is easy to miss details that you developed days later when you attempt to recall them from your memory.  When your idea comes to mind, write it down so you don’t find yourself in the “what was that again” moment of regret.

What’s really dope is that when you write your idea it is no longer a figment of your imagination.  It becomes real.  The action of writing it down sends a message through your body that says “I want this.” And sparks your body into action. 

Step 2: Set goals (DEVELOP ACTION STEPS)

Ideas comes with freedom.  Which means that there is no blueprint to follow, it is all on you.  How do you know what to give your focus to or where to spend your time?  It’s simple, set goals. They will give you direction on what to do next.  Since they are your turn by turn navigation there are a couple steps to get there. 

bow wow.gif

First, have a vision of what your idea is.  Dream big, and don’t think that you must know exactly how to make it happen, that will reveal itself as you begin to dominate task.

Second, write down where you would like to be in your idea in the next year (you can also include year 5 and 10 but we will just focus on year 1 to get started).  Write out all the things that you would like to accomplish. 

Third, create priority.  What is important to now with the resource, times, and money that you currently have?  You can break it up in categories such as important right now, somewhat important, and in the future.

Lastly, take one to two task that are top priority and create SMART goals.  Nah, we not going with those lofty “I want to make money” goals.  A SMART goal is a method that allows you to create a specific goal that you will be able to measure within a certain time frame.  Let’s take that “I want to make money” goal and make it a SMART one. 

I want to generate $500 through my blog by selling physical products by April 1st. 

Now your daily actions can reflect what needs to be completed.  Make your grand idea into actionable steps with this freebie!

Step 3: Get some accountability

I made the decision that 2018 was going to be the year that I was going to get right and finally drop these pounds.  Every year I say the same thing, but I meant it this time.  In conversation I set my new declaration to my friend Kelley at work.  She rolled her eyes as she had heard me give this “I’m getting my life together,” speech hundreds of times.  This time I was adamant. 

Two weeks later I received an email from a co-worker that he made a cake and told me to come get a slice.  Next to Chick fi la, I love nothing more than homemade sweets.  Forgetting about the commitment to drop pounds, I skipped over to his desk to grab a piece of cake.  One slice won't hurt?

As I walked back to my desk I stopped by to see Kelley. 

Kelley: “Jas, what is that?”

Me: “Uhhhh a piece of cake…”

Kelley: “Give it here, you not supposed to be eating that!”

(Launches to grab the plate)

As she grabbed a good hold on it, I tighten my grip.  The cake looked good and I wasn't going to let it go. We are now at her desk having a tug of war over this cake. 


After what seemed to be eternity (it was probably only three minutes max) she let go.  With the cake fiasco over, we started another conversation.  As I began to tell another story, I placed the plate down to show the dramatics of what I was telling her.  The plate barely settled on the desk before she snatched it up and put it in the trashcan.

When there is no accountability we become victims of the WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT syndrome.  When the motivation is high and the stars are aligned then we will pursue our idea.  The moment that we want to take a nap, or watch ratchet TV on VH1 for hours our deadlines and goals go out the window.  When you have accountability what you say isn’t a cool conversation to have but it becomes tangible. 

This person doesn’t have to be your bestie.  They can be someone reaching a greater goal as well.  Listen to episode 17 of The Perfectly Imperfect podcast; “What about your friends” where I introduce you to my accountability partners and how we linked up.  It will give ideas on where to find your accountability partner.

Bonus rant: Take the step

Over the last three years, I have met several women with brilliant ideas.  They are only missing one component.  They have talked about the idea for YEARS and have yet to take a step.  The story often include details of how they will get stuck on step 205,692. 

Does this sound familiar?

 The magnitude of our ideas can be scary.  However, instead of looking at what can be done today, we become obsessed of what will go wrong 30 years from now. Get this, what we are tripping about may NEVER happen.  Instead of what is down the line; ask yourself what is one task that I can do today? (look at your goals from step #2 and create a task) Tweet me with what you will commit to complete today (@TheFearHurdler if you don’t already follow me).

There you have it.  It is time to make your idea a plan and bring it to life.  Next week we will dig into why you can no longer drag your feet with it (yeah, I’m about to get all up in your business).