The Mid Year Re-Up: 3 ways to get back on track with your yearly goals

Bruh! It’s the middle of the year ALREADY!  Where does the time go?  It reminds me of when I am playing Taboo and it is always that ONE person cheating with the clock…… like why is the time moving so fast? (P.S never play Taboo with me, I’ve lost a couple friends playing that game #ByAnyMeansNeccessary).  It seems as if we were just preparing for the New Year and now it is half way over with. 

By the way how are those goals going?  Have you been working toward them? Do you even remember 5 from the list? Actually raise your hand if you even know where your list is……..

Honesty moment…..

Everywhere that I go I carry a journal with me (minus the club….) and this year I was adamant about writing out all of my goals in the first 5 pages so that they would be accessible.  Well……I may have glanced at them once since February.  How do I know? I mean I WAS tracking my progress and well let’s just say no updates have been made since then… 

My bad.  Yeah I dropped the ball on being a good example with it comes to goal tracking this year.  But one thing about God’s grace is that he always gives us a new day and another chance to get it right.  So if you are just like me and fell off of the goal wagon; here is how to get back in the game.

1.       Reassess

When I finally took a look at my goal list I became……. OVERWHELMED; especially when it came to my fitness goals.  When I returned from Mexico I decided to take a little break from the gym, but a little break turned into a couple of months.  As a result, the goals were a little far fetched and unattainable at this point.  Instead of becoming discouraged I just adjusted. 

Realistically if I worked my hardest what would I be able to accomplish by the end of the year? 

Make sure to make it realistic but also ensure that it will stretch you to put some work in.  And if you have been on it and knocked a couple goals out; how can you further stretch yourself to go to the next level?

2.       Refocus

Ok, I have been stalking your IG and I saw how many times you restarted 2016 after all of the times you ran back to the starting line you probably forgot what the finish line even was.

Take the time to get your mind back right.  Check out the game plan.  Lord knows the gym haven’t saw me since March (can you tell by know that my fitness goals have really taken an L so far….Lawrd be an elliptical). 

We have to remember why we established the goals from the jump and then recreate a plan to get there.  Why do you think coaches a call a timeout as their teams begin to fall apart? To regroup.  At times we have to take a 30 second time out to devise a plan in order to go back out there and make a comeback in the game (unless you’re the Cavs……).

3.  Don't Become Discouraged 

At the end of the day…………. stuff happens.  BUT, just because we didn’t start the year off with a bang doesn’t mean that it is over (I mean just look at the Golden State Warriors and OKC series as they were down by 3 games…..they came back to take the series).  Though I haven’t marked off mad items on my goal list thus far I did achieve some AMAZING milestones; ideas coming to life (Summer 16 GRIND season in FULL effect), improving daily, and making crazy connections…. actually I’m having an AWESOME year even without hitting goals.

Give yourself a pat on the back for the things that you are doing well…  It keeps you in a state of gratitude and with something to always be grateful for.

Yeah we have slacked off but we are back on it.  It is only considered a failure when you give up.  The clock has reset….

What will be your story in December?