Shut yo mouth, listen, and move! The Year of 26

Another year. 

The Big 27!

Yep that’s right, we have made it to another J-Day! (J-Day: {noun} The day that the world celebrates Piccola Hill, having her youngest child; Jasamine Hill; also referred to as……MY BIRTHDAY).  As the days drew near, I was really thinking about the theme of 26.  I mean so much had happened within the last year. 

I became overwhelmed by emotion, but upon initial thought there wasn’t anything that stood out to me.  Just this time last year; I was sitting with a computer full of articles, a finished website but scared to death to push publish. 

Almost a year later, I have a growing blog, started a podcast, a reading Facebook group (have you joined 50 shades of melanin?), guest blogging for several websites, coaching clients, and in the works on my first book.  So much had happened and I had no idea on where to begin. 

Well, that was until I was telling my co-worker that I was instead going to write about how I made my birthday a national holiday.  

(…buuuuut I’ma still do it, make sure to check your email).  After we talked about themes; she says to me “Jas this year it just seems as if things fell in place for you….”

YO! There it was!

I cut the rest of the conversation and ran half way around the building back to my desk to grab my pen and paper.  The theme of the year had been revealed to me!

This last year, I felt like Chance the Rapper, blessings were falling in my lap.  The right opportunities came at the perfect time.  People that could push me and my vision just seem to pop up.

As you may know, I quit my part time job to spend more time on The Fear Hurdler.  Only for a moment, I was worried about how I was going to make do without the extra income monthly.  Here we are 3 months later, and that lack of income has been filled every month. 

Don’t even get me started on the podcast (the whole process has been a divine intervention).  But I needed a couple more things in terms of equipment before I could launch.  Only to win two Best Buy Gift cards 2 weeks in a row at work, valuing in $100 (just what I needed in the nick of time).

Was life just dealing me a good hand of cards?

Of course, but luck is just when opportunity meets preparation.  

So how did I prepare?

Had faith.


That’s it!

This year was all about stepping out on faith.  I put it all in God’s hands and prayed that he would allow me to follow the will that he has for my life. 

Duh. (I already know you were saying that in your head).

I know that we all pray that prayer.  But this year was different.   I started to seek his voice and act on his message.  Was I scared? 100%! God, you want me to tell the world that I was fired? I don’t know that person, how am I just going to email them to work with me? I barely can work SnapChat and you want me to start a podcast show?

That is when I had to activate my faith.  Then put my boots on and do it.  Faith without works is DEAD!  Though I had no idea of what I was doing, as long as I did something; GOD CONTINUED TO SHOW UP AT EVERY CORNER!         

I can’t lie; 26 has blown my mind! I never thought that I would be capable of what I am doing and working on now.  As the song goes “When God is in it, there is not limit.” 

Let 26 be a testimony to you.  Before you force your way into your next situation, holla at God for a consultation.  And if you ask, stop talking long enough and listen to what he says.  When he speaks, no matter how inadequate you feel, or scary it may “SEEM” act on it (because face it,if he ask you to do it; he is going to have your back)….and watch as he will begin to BLOW your mind. 

Cheers to 27!