My Facebook friends don't want me to be great: When no one is liking your social media post

“Whenever I create a ratchet post or meme it gets 100 likes and tons of shares. But let me post something about my business and it may receive 5 likes. Can’t get no love posting anything positive smh.”

If I log onto social media and run across another post like this I might scream!

*Logs on to Facebook*

Before I am the kettle calling the pot black.  I must admit when I launched this site those were some of my thoughts.  It is common sense.  If someone rocks with you, why wouldn’t they show your new endeavor love?

In theory that sounds nice.  However we place expectations on people who may careless.  And expectations only lead to disappointment.  We believe that our Social Media “friends” and family are obligated to support our new adventure.  Then when we launch and it doesn’t happen what do we do? Let’s take a look to why your new idea isn’t receiving any social media love.

Aiming at the wrong target

Everyone isn’t going to like your product.  And they shouldn’t. Instead of selling and promoting to the masses, create a target market.  This is the niche population that CRAVES for your product.  People may not react because IT ISN’T FOR THEM. Why continue to cram it down their throats? The piece of the puzzle just doesn’t fit.  If you attempt to reach everyone you will continue to hear crickets.

Weak Marketing Plan

“New post”

In my first month of blogging, I would run to the computer on Sundays.  This was the one day that I allowed myself to be obsessed with website analytics.  To see how many people were reading this amazing work that I created.  But to my surprise all I saw were… ZEROS!

I was the only person visiting my blog!

It wasn’t until that moment I saw how weak my marketing was.  I only stated that I posted new content.  Yeah, these people were cool with me but I was still competing for their time.  When you log onto social media you are bombarded with post.  Everyone is pulling for a piece of attention.  And if you are unable to spark their curiosity to click the link (even if it only takes 2 minutes) they will continue to scroll past your post.  How can you adjust your marketing so you are not lost in the sauce?

One and Done

Everyone is on social media. 

The old grandma who sits on the last pew in the church has a Facebook page.  The little annoying kid from next door is on Instagram.  Just look at DJ Khaled’s son Assad, his presence on social media is poppin’ and he can’t read.

This means that our timelines are saturated!

On most days, I attempt to be productive and not spend my entire day on social media (unless there is hometown Facebook Drama, because it is more entertaining than an episode of Love and Hip Hop).  Thus, I miss information that is on my timeline.  If you posted about your new venture once on Thursday morning; I am sure to not see it when I log on at 7pm. 

People may not be showing you any love because they don’t know that you exist.  They have not the slightest clue that you have started a new venture. If you are only going to post once, you might as well be invisible.

One thing I know for sure is to NEVER make assumptions.  When we create a story in our heads of why people are not showing love it rarely matches the reality of the situation.  Instead of obsessing over who on your friend list isn’t “liking” your status, put that energy back into your venture and adjust. Next time your friends don't "like" your post, don't get your panties in a bunch and continue to grind anyway.