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What's good?

Glad you're here! My Name is Jasamine, sit down let me tell you a story...

(It's pronounced Jasmine but my mama decided to throw in an Extra A for flavor)

Have a dream but now clue on how to achieve it?

Hate your job?

Have no idea what you want to do with your life?

Life isn’t going as you envisioned it?

Can’t seem to finish anything that you start?

Tired of living a mediocre life?

Don't have enough time or money to pursue your dreams?

Well your in good company!  I found myself in each of these situations.  So, my story isn’t just for me… I’m sure you will see yourself in my size seven shoes as well.

First let’s get acquainted.  I’m Jasamine Hill, a certified personal development coach (The Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute) and founder of The Fear Hurdler.  I’m a dope chick that loves to use my creative style of speaking and telling stories to help other Millennials overcome fear and launch their ideas (how much longer will you make excuses why you haven’t started that blog, or podcast? …don’t worry I’ll wait).  I wasn’t always this confident in my gifts, it was a journey to get here…

It all started when I was 23 year old.

I was living the life.  I was about to graduate with my second degree, a Master’s of Education in Sport Administration, and was going to start my dream job in the front office of an NBA team.  I was the real-life example of #GOALS.

But after 3 months on the job, life wasn’t what I imagined it to be…


As a creative at heart, I felt locked inside of a box and became a robot to meet phone metrics that were in place for us.  Because I was on the phone selling ticket packages all day talking to people outside of work became painful.  Many of my friendships suffered and I became a mean person.  The loving social butterfly that I had always been soon died. 

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I looked up and it was just me, my apartment, and a bottle of Crown Royal.  Wake up, go to work, come home, get drunk, go to sleep, became my routine.  I started to slowly but surely fall into a depression.  But because I was #goals and what everyone aspired to achieve, I couldn’t allow others to see me weak; so I hid my pain very well.  Until I gained about 30 pounds (when you have been physically active your entire life, it’s HARD to hide after you gain crazy amounts of weight).  People around me began to sense something was going on with me.

It was in this drunken dark place where I made the dumbest smartest decision of my life.

I told my manager the truth that I didn’t want to do sales any longer (I was in a training program, my year was almost up and my manager wanted to know which sales department I would be interested in; showing interest outside of the department you were pretty much shunned).  So, I kinda quit/kinda was fired (read more about that here…I Quit! ....Or Was I Fired? 3 Lessons I Learned by Facing The Truth).  But there was one problem I had no job or potential job lined up.

A month later I was officially unemployed.

During this time, my mentor/Charlotte Mama (God bless the dead) had just received a heart pacer and was unable to drive.  She asked me if I could take her to church on Sundays.  I was cool with it because I knew she would take me out to eat afterwards.  I didn’t have two pennies to rub together so at least I could eat good one day out the week. 

At church, it seemed as if the preacher was speaking directly to me.  I even started to attend bible study and gained the encouragement to climb myself out of this dark hole I felt that I was in.  I grew up in the church so I have always known who God was.  This time, I experienced him.  He was no longer a fictional character I read about.  He was my father, and a best friend.  As I developed a new relationship with God, I found strength!  The life that seemed to be crumbling in my hands started to transform. 

See I had been pushing a life so that I would be successful in the eyes of others.  To the point that I never listened to God as he attempted to share the plans that he had for my life.  Because my plans weren’t authentic to me, when I achieved them I WASN’T FULFILLED! 

(small tangent let me get back to the story…)

I was broke and the bills had to be paid somehow so I ended up in Corporate America aka The Cube Life.

My friends and I would always talk about how we hated our jobs and the big dreams that we had for our futures.  Mine looked like this; first take over the sports world and then in 15 years become a Life Coach, write some books, and inspire others.

But now wasn’t the RIGHT time I was still young.  And WAY too worried that folks would think what I wanted to do was stupid so I put my dream on the back burner (because what others thought was so much more important).


As I talked to my older co-workers they would always discuss what they wanted to do but *insert an excuse* was the reason they didn’t; hence why they still worked here.

These were the same conversations I was having with my 20 something year old friends!

For some reason, I just assumed that when we became older life changed for you.  But after those conversations it proved me wrong that no matter if you were 20 or 65 years old FEAR is the one thing that will stop you from achieving what you REALLY want in life.

In the cube in that moment I made my decision that I would no longer allow FEAR to get in my way…. I WAS IN CONTROL OF MY DESTINY! (I know I heard that my entire life but this time but this time it felt like I could really be the change that I wanted to see. I could feel it…touch it….BELIEVE IT!).

Fear no longer took over.  I didn’t care what people would say or what they thought about me.  I was going to launch my blog and start my life coaching practice...and in 2015, The Fear Hurdler was birthed. 

lion king.gif

And since then my life has been LIT! Joy unspeakable, a sense of peace, and I wake up in anticipation of what is next.  Excuse my language but I LOVE THIS SHIT!

I want you to experience the same feeling! But first you have to confront your fear.  I know that it seems scary and it has bullied you until this point but you will never experience your heart desire if you continue to allow fear to stand in the way!

My inbox is always open to ya, feel free to email me at Jasamine@TheFearHurdler.com or connect with me on social media @TheFearHurdler.

It's time to live a life you deserve! Let's go get it!