Ep 3: Die Enormous or Live Dormant: From a Dream Deferred into Author w/Aramith Trimiar

This week we talk with entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author (Homeless 2 Homeowner), Aramith Trimiar. Wise WAY beyond his years! You may be thinking if he is so wise how was he homeless? Glad that you asked….

Not going to spill all of the beans, but he explains how one encounter at Cam Newton’s house turned his whole world around and set a brighter path for the future.

Aramith shares being so close to achieving the “fresh out of college” dream (working in that dream job; or even your field); only to have it snatched away in front of his eyes. He leaves us with great gems of how visualization, positivity, and reading, can help your dreams come to life! Even spits a Jay-Z verse before we wrapped up….. HOV!

Resources Mentioned:

Napoleon Hill: Think and Grow Rich/The Laws of Success
Pablo Coelho: The Alchemist
Rhonda Byrnes: The Secret
Chris Gardner: The Pursuit of Happyness
Sista Soulja: The Coldest Winter Ever

How to connect with Aramith:
IG: Author_Aramith_Trimiar