Episode 11: Has God Ever Let You Fail? w/Business Coach Brittany Yates

This week’s guest is a business coach, author of The Fundamental Journey of Entrepreneurship Through Prayer, and founder of the non-profit Endless Dreams Foundation.  From a young age, Brittany knew that she wanted to start a business but no idea how to do it.  After becoming best friend with Google, her dreams became a reality; and now she assists others to walk in their purpose.  

In this episode, you’ll learn how to get over the fact that your family may not support you, how to up your prayer game, and live a life with no limitations.  In my Morning Message, I even share how you can shift your perspective of a sucky job. 
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How to connect with Brittany: 
Twitter: @imbrittanytiera
God’s Covenant with you by John Eckhardt