Episode 18: How to Create your Own Opportunity through Branding w/Nadia Vanderhall

This week I talk with Brand Strategist, Nadia Vanderhall.  
On her birthday, she received an unexpected gift; that her job would be outsourced to India meaning she would be laid off.  While wondering, what would be next, Nadia packaged her experience in marketing and launched her brand consulting firm.  

In this episode, you will learn:
-    Why to #BeHumble in extreme circumstances
-    How to create opportunities where you are; even when it is not your idea job
-    Make your brand stand out in a crowded market
-    Effectively create and complete your to-do list

Mentioned Resources:
-    New York Times Morning Briefings
-    Drop Box
-    Evernote
-    Google Keep
-    BaseCamp

-    The Crush It Book by Gary Vaynerchuck
-    Tools of Titan by Tim Ferriss 

Connect with Nadia
Twitter: @NCVanderhall
Instagram: @NCVanderhall
www. nadiacvanderhall.com