Episode 1: How Marketing Rising Star Ash Couture, Turned An Idea Into a Multi-city Conference

In this episode, I chat with the Founder of The Couture Group, Ash Couture.  The Couture Group is a marketing and management firm that specializes in everything from marketing and public relations to management and special events.  Ash shares insight on how the want to create friendships in a new city gave her the idea to host her first event and launch her business.

Now with several star-studded events with attendees such as Ming Lee and Toya Wright, she now sheds light on her journey.  The good, the bad, and even hitting the ugly cry in the kitchen at one of her events. YIKES!

The episode will show you how one simple idea can become your reality.

Mentioned Resources:

Tickets to the 2016 Couture Power Conference: http://www.incouturewetrust.com/

Book Suggestion: #Girl Boss By Sophia Amoruso

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Instagram: @couturegroup

Facebook : www.facebook.com/thecouturegroupinc2015

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