Episode 5: Turning Financial Pain Into Life’s Purpose w/The Student Loan Doctor,Sonia Lewis

In this week episode, we talk with student loan extraordinaire; The Student Loan Doctor, Sonia Lewis.  In her business she assists others in: Financial Aid Recovery, Loan Consolidation, First Home Buyer, and Default Rehabilitation; just to name a few things to handle the torn in our sides.

Through her own life struggles, Sonia realized that she couldn’t help everyone else with their finances and not have her own finances together.  After two degrees under her belt, she found herself folding clothes at Old Navy, and knew something must change.  During her transformation, she couldn’t help to butt in on a speaker to educate the audience on student loans; light bulb moment.  Sonia left that event with a hand full of clients and an idea for a business.

We talk about how they laughed at her idea, which would later turn into applause when Eric Thomas (Yes, ET The Hip Hop Preacher…do you want success as bad as you want to breath ET!) walked into her brand launch.  She shares an enlightened message to folks thinking about grinding with a part time job, who you need to connect with, and snatches our edges about loans (…how you broke with a grind?)

Mentioned Resources:
Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice by Dennis Kimbro
www.StudentLoanWorkbook.com – Purchase your workbook
 IG: @TheStudentLoanDoctorLLC (her infamous Get Yo Life moments)
Twitter: @_studentloandoc
Podcast: The Student Loan Doctor
Office Phone: 267-603-6437 – For booking a consultation ($5 off, tell her The Perfectly Imperfect Grind Podcast sent you!)