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Episode 20: How to Lean on Faith and Create A Purpose Driven Life w/ J.Remy of God is the Plug

A jack of all trades and an entrepreneur at heart; Jeremy Boykins (aka J.Remy) wasn’t new to creating brands.  However, after a “wilderness” experience, he discovered a new guide that lead him to create “God is the Plug.”  Now with his apparel in stores, and throwing Christ filled parties for Millennials; he is only getting started…

In this episode, we discuss: 
-    How you know it is time to quit your job and pursue your passion
-    The #1 way to market your brand
-    Steps to find your purpose
-    Being young, fly, and saved
-    What it means to put a ring on success

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Episode 16: How to Achieve Big Dreams; Just Pray, Plan, and Hustle w/Lakia Robinson

As a kid growing up in a single-parent home and then becoming a first-generation college student; Lakia Robinson knew that she wanted to be more than a statistic. In 2008 she started Unwrapped International; to motivate at-risk students to maximize their opportunities. 

Though she continues to follow the path that God had for her life, it didn’t stop the naysayers from attempting to discourage her (major side-eye to them).  Now as an online entrepreneur, author, TV host, and speaker; Lakia shares with us major lessons such as why you should follow the God idea, where to find your purpose, and how to pray, plan, and HUSTLE.

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