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Episode 24: How to be fearless and make money with your brand w/Kyshira Moffett of HERmovement

“Feel the fear and launch it anyway.” Brand strategist and blogger, Kyshira Moffett has utilized this phrase to develop, not one, but THREE thriving brands ( The KSM Group, Life of a Bombshell Cosmetics and #HERmovement). After 4 years in the game, she blows our minds with resources to take your brand to the next level. In this episode, Kyshira dishes the secret sauce to build a brand that people want to spend money with (…and picks up a new bestie in the meantime).

In this episode, you will learn:
- The elements your brand is missing
- How to create profit when selling products
- How you can get featured in publications such as XONecole, Fast Company, and
- Breaking mental barriers to create brands
- Major keys to managing multiple brands
- Why Tamar Braxton’s “She Did That,” is her theme song

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Episode 18: How to Create your Own Opportunity through Branding w/Nadia Vanderhall

This week I talk with Brand Strategist, Nadia Vanderhall.  
On her birthday, she received an unexpected gift; that her job would be outsourced to India meaning she would be laid off.  While wondering, what would be next, Nadia packaged her experience in marketing and launched her brand consulting firm.  

In this episode, you will learn:
-    Why to #BeHumble in extreme circumstances
-    How to create opportunities where you are; even when it is not your idea job
-    Make your brand stand out in a crowded market
-    Effectively create and complete your to-do list

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