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Episode 29: The Cure For Creative Burnout w/ Encounter Camp Co-Founder, Kareem Taylor

The grind to success can be rewarding.  But it can also become life threatening.  Kareem Taylor found this out the hard way.  His consistent no days off mentality caused him to develop health issues.  

After a weekend in the wilderness he returned to his hustle refreshed and with the perfect idea.  Encounter Camp, a retreat for black creatives.  In this bonus episode grasp a new outlook on taking breaks, and how one question almost kept this episode from airing (hint: Team Issa or Team Lawrence)

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Episode 28: Why You Should Always Be One Step Ahead w/ Comedic Host, Jay Dukes

For week 2 of the #NotYourAverage series, we chop it up with Comedic Host, The Repeat King himself, Jay Dukes.  Don’t get it twisted nothing is funny to him when it comes to business.  Early in his career he learned the importance of being versatile which has created numerous opportunities for Jay.  After years of sharing the stage with some of your favorite celebrities (K. Michelle, Lil’ Duval, SWV, and many more).  Jay Dukes shares why you should ALWAYS be a step ahead (…also why his mama called his work trash…geez).

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Episode 21: 5 Ways to Become Efficient When Networking

Networking is like having to work on a project with a co-worker that irritates you. You don't really care for them but they must be tolerated to get the job done.  We may cringe at the thought of sending emails or carrying conversations with strangers.  But we can all agree on one thing. 


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Episode 20: How to Lean on Faith and Create A Purpose Driven Life w/ J.Remy of God is the Plug

A jack of all trades and an entrepreneur at heart; Jeremy Boykins (aka J.Remy) wasn’t new to creating brands.  However, after a “wilderness” experience, he discovered a new guide that lead him to create “God is the Plug.”  Now with his apparel in stores, and throwing Christ filled parties for Millennials; he is only getting started…

In this episode, we discuss: 
-    How you know it is time to quit your job and pursue your passion
-    The #1 way to market your brand
-    Steps to find your purpose
-    Being young, fly, and saved
-    What it means to put a ring on success

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Episode 19: Investing 101...How to Invest Without Tons of Money

Curiosity killed the cat…

But in Dr.Eric Patrick’s case, it became the seed to a new business, The Black Market Exchange, LLC. While he is a pharmacist by trade; he began to look for ways to invest his money.  The more knowledge that he soaked in, the more he found himself dishing out gems to people about investing.  Which is a major void in the African-American community, but he added the piece that was missing teaching the subject through hip-hop; that is where he gained the nickname “Hip Hop Stock Doc.”

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Episode 18: How to Create your Own Opportunity through Branding w/Nadia Vanderhall

This week I talk with Brand Strategist, Nadia Vanderhall.  
On her birthday, she received an unexpected gift; that her job would be outsourced to India meaning she would be laid off.  While wondering, what would be next, Nadia packaged her experience in marketing and launched her brand consulting firm.  

In this episode, you will learn:
-    Why to #BeHumble in extreme circumstances
-    How to create opportunities where you are; even when it is not your idea job
-    Make your brand stand out in a crowded market
-    Effectively create and complete your to-do list

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