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Episode 16: How to Achieve Big Dreams; Just Pray, Plan, and Hustle w/Lakia Robinson

As a kid growing up in a single-parent home and then becoming a first-generation college student; Lakia Robinson knew that she wanted to be more than a statistic. In 2008 she started Unwrapped International; to motivate at-risk students to maximize their opportunities. 

Though she continues to follow the path that God had for her life, it didn’t stop the naysayers from attempting to discourage her (major side-eye to them).  Now as an online entrepreneur, author, TV host, and speaker; Lakia shares with us major lessons such as why you should follow the God idea, where to find your purpose, and how to pray, plan, and HUSTLE.

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Episode 12: Being Frustrated, When The Dream Isn't On Your Time

The pressure to live up to our expectations can become overbearing.  We want to achieve them as quickly as we set them; which can cause more harm than motivation when it doesn’t happen overnight.  

This week I talk about my own struggle of falling into this unrealistic idea, that left me “feeling” like a failure.  Trust that you may not be the only one to experience it.  Listen as I share 3 points to assist you to navigate and come out on top!

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Episode 9: Greatness awaits, but not for long; with author and motivational speaker Brian Thomas

This week we chat it up with author, motivational speaker, and founder of KIPNspire, Brian Thomas.  After speaking at an event for his employer, he was asked what his speaking fee was….light bulb moment; it fuel him to begin the journey to start his own business.

Brian drops gem after gem, not only about his entrepreneur grind, but tips on how to climb the corporate ladder.  Oh did I mention that Brian is also a plant manager, leading over 160 employees, and millions of dollars in budget (and a wife….and a young son… what excuses did you have?).  In this episode, you will learn why you need to stop playing around with your dream, the risk of running a race with weights on, and why you should NEVER wear Timberlands, an Oakland Raiders jersey, and a silver chain in 85-degree weather (especially to a career fair…ehhhh).  

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