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Episode 31: How to make a DRASTIC career change w/ Latesha Byrd of Byrd Career Consulting

Are you looking to switch careers and follow your passion but you have NO experience? Meet Latesha Byrd of Byrd Career Consulting.  After receiving two degrees in Accounting she decided that it wasn’t cutting it anymore, her heart was elsewhere.  But how would she be able to change professions and start a business when all her professional experience was somewhere else…

Listen as Latesha breaks down in the #NotYourAverage Series Finale…

-          The key factor to pursuing a new career

-          How being evicted pushed her

-          The biggest mistake that is keeping you from your dream job and how to overcome that obstacle

-          What would Latesha do if she was Molly (from Insecure)

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Episode 10: The Trials and Tribulations of Success w/Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Culture Change Agent, Greg E. Hill

This week, we chop it up with author, speaker, and host of The Minority Trailblazer Podcast, Greg E. Hill.  As a young kid, he didn’t have many role models outside of the church. But as he began to be exposed (you can make $25 an HOUR?) it expanded his views and the possibilities of what his future could look like.  As a result, he grew a burning desire to CHANGE THE CULTURE. 

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