The Roller Coaster Effect

How to Turn Your Fear Into Fuel, Your Passion Into Your Purpose, and Enjoy the Ride of Life

Instead of authentic personal success being something that seems elusive and outside of your reach, popular blogger, life coach, and Creator of The Fear Hurdler brand, author Jasamine Hill sheds a bright light on what it really takes to be young and successful in today’s social media-obsessed culture.

She starts with a pivotal turning point in her life that took her from extreme self-doubt, depression and almost giving up on her dream to a turning point moment that catapulted her Fear Hurdler blog to over 40,000 social media shares in one week, launching her into a totally new orbit as a successful blogger and life coach.

Jasamine makes it clear that lasting success and true inner fulfillment is not magic nor happens overnight. It is result of a specific process that has many parallels to the metaphor of riding a roller coaster. If you are a Millennial with a head full of great ideas and big dreams, but you don’t know how to CONVERT these ideas into a path to your dreams, then this book is for you.

With clarity, humor, real-life examples, self-reflection exercises, suggestions, resources, and strategies, Jasamine covers ways to discover your passions, turn your fears into fuel, and make your dreams real. From your first steps of preparation, to igniting your passion, dealing with naysayers, building your support crew, developing a plan, opening yourself to feedback and mentorship, and then on to launching and beyond, the steps of the process are laid out for you so that you can actually “get on the ride” and enjoy the ride of life instead of “watching from below.